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Our collection of high-quality canvas, acrylic, mesh & PVC awning fabrics are designed to suit all of our awning styles, both in residential and commercial. Available in a diverse range of colours and designs, our fabrics are water, mould, and mildew resistant, as well as being easy to care for. Providing you with a stunning aesthetic that will last for a very long time, our range of fabrics are extremely functional and durable, capable of protecting you from the harsh Australian weather.

At Perfect Blinds, we have four main awning fabrics available, each with their own benefits and products they are best used for.


Canvas is a natural product most commonly used on auto awnings and fixed guide awnings. Made from premium grade poly-cotton canvas, this high-opacity blockout fabric is robust and durable, offering 100% blockout protection against the harsh Australian sun.Extremely resistant to tearing and very easy to clean, this environmentally friendly awning canvas fabric is a economical and low maintenance solution for windows that receive direct sunlight. We also have Brella, Sommerton and Barrington fabric options available, including a large range of modern, plain colours and patterns to choose from.


Acrylic is a modern, man-made fabric that has been designed for maximum outdoor durability. Made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibre, this lightweight blockout fabric provides protection from the sun’s rays, while creating a cool and comfortable living environment by reducing solar heat by up to 90%. Acrylic is used mainly on folding arm awnings, canopies and patio blinds, and blocks out up to 80% of the sun and rain. We also have Tempotest, Docril and Dickson fabric options available, including a large range of modern colours and patterns to choose from.


Mesh is designed to provide shade and privacy without losing your view. Made from 100% PVC coated polyester, this strong and durable fabric allows light and air to filter through, whilst keeping heat and glare out. Our mesh fabrics are a weave of polyester and PVC with a range of varying openness and density percentages. As a result, we have options that block out 95% and 99% of UV rays, as well as environmental elements such as wind and rain. We also have Atmosphere, Outlook & Vistaweave fabric options available.


Made from premium grade UV stabilised PVC, this durable material will provide you with uninterrupted views of your surroundings and give your outdoor space a sophisticated look. PVC acrylic fabrics are used on patio blinds and canopies to blockout the wind and rain, and come in clear, tinted and coloured options. Our clear PVC is perfect for letting in the sun, while still protecting against the rain and wind. This is a very hard wearing fabric and if taken care of properly, will last a long time when used on canopies.

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