Dual Roller Blinds


Our dual roller blinds in Melbourne can be fitted with the screen blind closest to the glass so the blockout roller blind can be seen. This is particularly good if you have selected a textured fabric that you want to be noticed. Conversely, you can install the blind so the blockout is closer to the glass with the screen facing into the room. This is usually done in bedrooms or where the blinds can’t be fitted into the recess of the window, as this will ensure the blockout roller is stopping as much light as possible getting in.

Day and night dual roller blinds combine a blockout roller blind and a light filtering screen roller blind on a dual bracket, giving you the flexibility to control light and privacy. Double roller blinds give you so much versatility. You can have them both completely open, shut or just have the screen down for daytime privacy, while the blockout blind gives you privacy and insulation at night.

We also have pelmets to go over the dual blinds including black, white and grey options. We can also use the roller fabric to do a fabric insert on the pelmet so they match perfectly with your blinds fabric.

Perfect blinds can help you find the right window treatment solution for you and your home. Please call us today or fill out our contact form to arrange a free measure and quote for our day and night blinds.


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