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Have You Considered Roman Blinds?

When it comes to choosing window coverings for a new building or updating those in an existing property, many people will go straight for tried and trusted options such as curtains, roller blinds and venetian blinds. While these all have their many strengths, another option worth considering – especially where style is a primary concern – is Roman blinds.

In this blog entry, we’ll answer a few common questions about these blinds…

What Exactly Are Roman Blinds?

If you’re not familiar with these window coverings, they are a one-piece blind like a roller blind except with pleats so that they open or close fold by fold. When fully closed, the even folds sit neatly and form an attractive feature in themselves.

Are There Different Types of Roman Blinds?

Yes, there are. At Perfect Blinds, our quality Roman blinds come in two different types. The first sort is made using roller-blind fabrics, which allows you to match them with other blinds in your home if you so desire. The second variety is made using draping fabrics and a separate “block-out” backing, which allows for a nearly endless selection of fabrics – and the opportunity to have truly unique Roman blinds in your home/business.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Roman Blinds?

  • Their Appearance: Even the most affordable Roman blinds look expensive! Their appearance has also been described as “soft”, in the sense that the gentle folds look homey and welcoming rather than severe and industrial.
  • Their Versatility: Quality Roman blinds can sit over a window recess or fit snugly inside of the area. It just comes down to whether you are working with very limited space or looking to go big with your statement blinds! Their versatility is further demonstrated through the fact that they can be operated via cord lock, chain control or motorised mechanism, depending on your preference.
  • Their Practicality: Roman blinds offer great all-round environmental control. We’re talking effectively blocking light, heat, sound, etc. The second variety mentioned above, with the block-out backing are especially good. These window coverings are also simple to operate and pretty straightforward to keep clean.
  • Their Stylishness: Roman blinds are available in a huge array of colours, patterns and also textures. Again, this is even more the case with the second variety discussed earlier, which incorporate draping fabrics. If you’re seeking unique Roman blinds to make your room(s) instantly memorable, you’ll find that’s an easy enough mission to accomplish.
  • Their Value: Affordable Roman blinds will repay you with the value they add to the building in question. Who wouldn’t want to live/work in rooms with quality Roman blinds and potentially even unique Roman blinds?

When Only Perfect Roman Blinds Will Do…

Perfect Blinds is a family-owned business operating in Melbourne since 1958 that aims for excellence in all areas: manufacturing, installation and customer satisfaction. To discuss our affordable Roman blinds or any of our other top-quality indoor/outdoor window coverings, feel free to visit our Cheltenham store, phone 1300 366 399, email or simply submit an enquiry via the form on this site.

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