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The Different Styles of Awning Blinds Explained

Nothing provides a home, office or other business with the same level of sun protection as awning blinds. Constructed from heavy-duty materials, they allow owners to drastically reduce light and heat, making verandas, balconies and other outdoor spaces – e.g. eating areas adjacent to cafes and restaurants – much more useable year-round. Depending on the type of awning, they can also be used to block out rain, wind and even allergens floating through the air. The only tricky thing is working out which variety is best suited to your particular situation.

Below is a list explaining some of the different styles of awning blinds.

Cable-Guide Awnings

Ideal for coastal properties or indeed any windy location, cable-guide awnings are designed to be raised/lowered smoothly and safely without blowing around in the breeze, thanks to the high-tensile stainless steel guiding cables of the title.

Canopy Awnings

The original choice for protecting doors and windows from both sun and rain, canopy awnings come in countless shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. They adorn the front of stores the world over – and are gratefully sheltered under by their patrons.

E-Zip Awnings

As with the aforementioned cable-guide awnings, E-Zip external blinds are a smart option for high-wind areas. They are different in form, though, consisting of sections of fabric held completely firm in side channels. They’re very fashionably modern, too.

Folding-Arm Awnings

For those who want to switch between effective sun/rain protection or open sky and an unobstructed view, folding-arm awnings are the perfect solution. They’re fully retractable and tend to be long-lasting due to not being constantly exposed to the elements.

Pivot-Arm Awnings

Pivot-arm awnings angle the fabric of the blinds away from the building, meaning they can properly accommodate outward-opening windows. Additionally, the larger space between blind and window increases the amount of fresh air they permit.

Straight-Drop Awnings

Looking exactly how they sound, straight-drop awnings are similar to traditional indoor blinds. They are popular for their simplicity, elegant style and the way that, not being so fixed in place, they allow airflow through the sides of the blinds.

Sundream Awnings

Also known as a conservatory awning system, sundream awnings are a retractable roofing system that covers skylight windows, patios, etc. The panels are motorised and move along a track that allows great versatility in their positioning.

Other Options

We’ve concentrated on awning blinds in this blog entry. However, it’s worth remembering that further possibilities exist, such as external venetian blinds and roller shutters, all of which have their good points and are worthy of consideration.

Got More Questions About Awning Blinds?

Perfect Blinds will be only too happy to answer them. A family-owned business operating in Melbourne since 1958, our extensive range of indoor and outdoor window coverings includes all of the styles of awnings mentioned above – and more! When it comes to blinds, we aim for perfection in manufacturing, installation and, of course, customer satisfaction. To get in contact, you can visit us at our Cheltenham blinds shop, phone us on 1300 366 399, email us at or submit an enquiry via the form on this website.

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