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The Unique Appeal of Roller Blinds

When it comes to window coverings, there are certain types that never go out of fashion because they offer a selection of features that no other covering can match. Roller blinds are a prime example of one of these enduring favourites. When you’re talking affordable blinds or fashionable blinds, they are always a part of the discussion. Let’s take a closer look at the unique appeal of roller blinds…

Classic Elegance

The clean lines of roller blinds are one big reason why they never go out of style. They can fit in with just about any décor, especially when they also come in a…

Range of Colours and Patterns

Some of us may have a false impression of roller blinds being plain due to having studied and/or worked in buildings fitted only with the all-white variety. This couldn’t be further from the current situation. Roller blinds now come in an incredible array of hues, stripes and other geometric patterns, prints and pictures. The list goes on and on! And the fact they are essentially one piece, makes them a better “canvas” than other window coverings.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Being both affordable blinds and fashionable blinds wouldn’t be nearly so good if roller blinds were tricky to use or fiddly to clean. Fortunately, neither of those things is the case. They are simple enough for even a child to operate safely, and completely straightforward to maintain, with no nooks and crannies in which dust can lodge.

A Durable Option

Roller blinds often appear in lists of the most popular window coverings for rental properties, and that definitely has something to do with their durability. These blinds are designed to stand up to plenty of use. They also don’t suffer from the problem of having individual blades that can become damaged, thereby spoiling the overall look.

Great for Shift Workers

For shift workers who regularly need to sleep during the sunnier parts of the day, roller blinds allow them to block outside light from entering their bedroom with a simple pull down. For best results, have your roller blinds made to measure and professionally installed by an established firm such as Perfect Blinds – then you’ll get a flawless covering on your bedroom window for daytime sleeping.

Won’t Break the Budget

We’ve mentioned that roller blinds are fashionable blinds and that’s definitely true. We’ve also referred to them as affordable blinds, which is surely one of their key selling points, especially given everything else they offer. The more rooms in the property that you are fitting out, the better value roller blinds become!

If Roller Blinds Sound Ideal for You…

…get in touch and we’ll help make that dream a reality! Perfect Blinds is a family-owned business operating in Melbourne since 1958 that aims for excellence in all areas: manufacturing, installation and customer satisfaction. To discuss your specific requirements, feel free to visit our Cheltenham store, phone 1300 366 399, email or simply submit an enquiry via the form on this site.

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